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Are you Ready to Discover your Unique Superpower?

Are you ready to meet your superhero guide and discover your unique superpower?  Here is the recording of the first shamanic visioning journey where you journey to meet your personal superhero guide and discover what your own superpower is.


You can watch it on a phone or on your computer. If you have headphones use them if possible, but don't worry if you don't have any just pop the volume up on full for the drumming bit.

Shamanic Journey 1- Journey to Discover your SuperPower

I really hope that you enjoyed this first journey.  Don't worry if you didn't see anything, still try the next one and see if anything happens there. Truly the most important thing is that we are asking the question - be open and the answer will find a way of coming to you one way or the other!


Before we move on to journey 2, write down your experiences from this first journey.

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