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Diamond Heart Network - Terms and Conditions 



Booking and Payments may be made by Direct Debit, Bank Transfer and PayPal depending on what is purchased - please see individual products for information.

If sign up to the Diamond Heart Network Membership, your payment is taken as a monthly direct debit. The membership payment will be taken out of your account monthly until you decide to cancel. You can cancel at any time by contacting or contacting your bank to cancel the Direct Debit. 

If you book onto a workshop either online or in-person you can cancel within the first 48hrs of booking and get a refund as long as this is more than 7 days in advance of the workshop taking place. Refunds are not given with less than 7 days before the event if there are over 7 days until the event you can cancel and transfer your place to a later session. Transfers can only be done once. You are also welcome to give your space to a friend to attend if you cannot be there.

For 1to1 sessions, all bookings must be paid for in advance, if you wish to cancel please give 48hrs notice if possible and a full refund or date transfer will be made. Sometimes this isn't possible though due to exceptional circumstances or ill health. If this is the case spaces will be transferred. If not reason is given for cancellation in advance then no refunds will be given.


All materials and workshops purchased or downloaded for free are for private use by the purchaser only and must not be shared with others either privately or publically. Materials may not be sold on or copied in any way. All products and any and all graphics, photographs, content, images, artwork, text, fonts, software, and other technology, and the contents, design, layout, functions, appearance, and other intellectual property remain the property of Diamond Heart Network and should not be shared.

Services currently offered DO NOT qualify participants to become a Shamanic Practitioner or Breathwork Facilitator able to lead their own groups and 1to1 sessions using these methods. If you wish to work with others in this way, please seek out an appropriate training course so you can lead spaces safely. Details of my own teachers can be found on the 'About' section on the website. I am currently training as a Breathwork Teacher, but will not be qualified to lead facilitator training until 2021.

From time to time, I recommend books, products, programs, or services produced by other people and other companies. I recommend resources that I use myself unless it specifically states that I do not use that resource. You should perform your own due diligence and use your own best judgment prior to making any investment decisions pertaining to your own wellbeing.

By virtue of visiting this site or interacting with any portion of this site, you agree that you’re fully responsible for the investments you make and any outcomes that may result.


The free and paid for workshops, videos, 1to1 sessions, membership, and training offered by Diamond Heart Network can be transformational and may cause life-changes. By signing up participants are agreeing to be open to changes occurring and to take personal responsibility for supporting themselves between sessions which may include getting extra support if needed. Although Diamond Heart Network can help to guide the process and can be contacted via email and on Facebook, the process can be cathartic bringing emotions to the surface in order to be processed and participants need to make sure that they are willing to take responsibility for their own healing process and have the time, space, and support that they need to process these emotions.


Participants who attend sessions are taking responsibility for any risks involved - Conscious Breathwork, Energy Healing, and Shamanic Practices are an experiential and not fully tested by medical science so not all results are known - participants must take responsibility for known and unknown risks when taken part.

Diamond Heart Network and Shakti Tracy are not medically trained and are not medical practitioners. The sessions provided are not intended to be a substitution for accessing medical help when needed. If you have any physical or mental health condition it is advised that you speak to your medical practitioner first to make sure that it is safe for you to attend the session. If you are currently taking medication, Diamond Heart Network DOES NOT recommend that you come off any medication in order to attend sessions.  If you start to feel better after attending, Diamond Heart Network advises that you speak to a medical practitioner before stopping taking medication so that you can withdraw safely.

If you have had psychosis, epilepsy, heart conditions, or are pregnant YOU SHOULD NOT attend any Conscious Breathwork sessions as there can be a risk to your health which in extreme cases could result in death. If you feel your condition is mild and you have WRITTEN doctors' consent it may be possible to attend in-person sessions. Email to discuss your needs.

All testimonies provided on the website and on Facebook reviews are real but are not intended to be a guarantee of what the results will be from attending sessions with Diamond Heart Network. Diamond Heart Network can not make a guarantee that any state of consciousness or transformation will be achieved as effects are different for each person.

Please note that in most cases Conscious Breathwork is a deeply healing and joyful experience, these possible effects are highlighted to make sure that participants take responsible measures to look after themselves for their own wellbeing and healing.

If you have any questions about these policies please email -

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