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How did you get on with the first shamanic journey? Don't worry if you didn't see anything. it's truly asking the question that is most important. Perhaps you will get all the answers you need in today's journey. Heres are some ideas that might help too -


  • Try listening through headphones as this can make the drumming more immersive.

  • Write down the question before journeying as this helps us to really strengthen the question and then be able to let go through the journey,

  • If you feel your mind wandering through the drumming just keep bringing your focus back to the question.


However it goes, just try to have fun with it all. It's not really about getting it right or wrong, but just giving a space to play and explore and see what might unfold in the experience.


In today's shamanic journey, we will return to meet our SuperHero guide again and this time we will ask if there is anything currently stopping you from fully accessing your superpower.

Shamanic Journey 2- Journey to Discover What is Blocking Your Superpower

Please remember to document your journeys by writing them or drawing them as this will support you to hold any visions or insights.

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