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"Lets pause, take a breath and breathe in LOVE"

What is Breathwork Facilitator Training?

The Breathing Space Facilitator Group Training is a comprehensive 400 hour, 10 month training course that certifies students to become Breathwork Facilitators. We are proudly certified by the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance (GPBA).

Learning to be a Breathing Space Breathwork Facilitator is primarily practical and experiential as we believe that the deepest learning comes from actually doing. Providing supported teaching spaces where trainees facilitate Breathworks is an integral part of the course.

Within weeks, our trainees will be leading check-ins and exercises during seminars. Soon after that, they will be leading our Online Breathing Spaces and Foundation Seminars which have a global audience. But, we always make sure that our students are well supported and have all the tools and skills they need.

This experience is also combined with our comprehensive curriculum which is available on our easy-to-use online learning platform.

The Course Leaders


Shakti Tracy, Senior Breathing Space Teacher., leads this program, teaching on the fortnightly live seminars, giving feedback on work and provides support between live classes.

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Benedict Beaumont, Breathing Space Founder and Facilitator Course Creator provides teaching via pre-recorded videos on the online learning platform.

Why choose Breathing Space?

Uniqueness Encouraged                                        

Breathing Space is a different type of Breathwork School. We believe that the most powerful thing you can bring to your Breathwork is you! Every Facilitator is different and has unique strengths. We do not want to produce cookie-cutter facilitators. We empower all of our trainees to find their own voice and become the Facilitator that they were always meant to be.

Strong Community   


We put community and connection at the core of everything we do at Breathing Space. We pride ourselves on having a strong and active community that is with you throughout your journey- not just until your training is complete.


From early on in your training, you will be empowered to step up and lead breathworks in a supported and structured environment. Although this may sound daunting, you will be prepared and cheered on the whole way. We encourage our students to take the lead on their learning and will provide countless opportunities for you to take your training and skills to the next level.

Comprehensive Learning


Our online learning platform has been designed with different learning styles in mind. The learning is done with a variety of videos, audio, and written material. You will have lifetime access to all training materials as well as to our comprehensive online library of recorded Breathworks and workshops.

Ongoing Support and Education

As a member of the Breathing Space community, you will have our ongoing support no matter where this journey takes you. Whether you decide to carry on with Breathing Space after graduation or decide to start your own Breathwork business, we are here to provide support and ongoing learning.  As an example: we meet every month as a large group where we have continuing education master classes and invited speakers to come on and share with us. 

What you will learn -

  • UNIT 1 - Breathwork Essentials - This unit provides trainees with all of the skills and resources that they need to create and safely run a breathwork session. Content is delivered through our online learning platform and in live seminars.

  • UNIT 2 - Bodies of Breathwork - This unit looks at different levels of the Breathwork journey and how it affects us. We start empirically with the physical body and the Anatomy & Physiology of the Breath. We then move to the emotional body where we look at trauma and our role as breathworkers. Finally we explore the subtle body and how breathwork integrates creativity and spirituality.

  • UNIT 3 - Advanced Facilitation Skills - In this unit, we will cover advanced facilitation skills including voice, touch, and transmission. We will also learn how to support ourselves financially and to build a business out of breathwork.

  • UNIT 4 - Coursework (Book report & Graduation project) - Trainees must choose, read and then submit three reports on books from an extensive reading list. Trainees must also complete a ‘graduation project’ (which could be a website, app, podcast, dissertation, series of artwork, etc.) - which will ideally help further the trainees’ own development.

  • UNIT 5 - ​Case Studies - The only real way to become a breathwork facilitator is to facilitate Breathworks. It is, therefore, a graduation requirement for trainees to receive 5 one-on-one breathworks, lead 5 one-on-one breathworks and facilitate 5 group breathworks. Self-evaluation and participant feedback must be completed for these.

  • UNIT 6 - Personal Journey - If we are to hold others deep in process, we have to be prepared to go on a continuing journey of self-exploration and healing of our own. Unit 6 is not directly assessed, but it is expected for trainees to have a regular practice and go on their own personal journey.

Some final important bits of information -

  • The 10-month training costs £3000 which can be paid in instalments, there are also 20% off bursary places of £2400 available to people who need this support.

  • The live seminars take place fortnightly from Monday 16 September 10am - 12pm (UK times)

  • There are a maximum of 20 students in the training group.

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What people are saying about the training -


‘This course is the most comprehensive, informative, and experimental course I've done in a long time. I learnt the theory and practice of different breathing techniques. I also learned amazing tools to be a competent, professional practitioner and facilitator. I've made life-long friends and I've had a profound personal journey. This course will be one of those courses that shaped how my life is to become. I'll look back one day and remember that this course was a "turning point" in my life. It is worth it’.

Duncan Bailey, Breathing Space - Graduate Breathwork Facilitator and Teacher


"My life hasn't been the same since I started my Breathwork facilitator training with Breathing Space.

The integrity of Ben and his team, the quality of the content of the training, the wonderful people you meet, and the community it creates are absolutely amazing.

Ben really sees you and holds his breathing spaces with so much freedom and love. You feel free to express, do and get out of your comfort zone. He creates such a platform and opportunities to teach that by the time you finish the training, you are a full-blown- confident facilitator.

This is more than just a training, it's life-altering. Very grateful to share my journey with Breathing Space. Highest regards!"

Sasja Neuiwdorp, Breathing Space - Graduate Breathwork Facilitator and Mentor

Breathing Space is proud to be a Global Professional Breathwork Alliance certified school.
The Global Professional Breathwork Alliance (GPBA) is a consortium of professional breathwork schools, trainers, and practitioners who support and promote the integration of breathwork in the world as an accessible and vital healing modality that facilitates physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual wellness. The GPBA is open to all breathwork practitioners and schools agreeing to uphold the principles of ethics and standards set forward by the Alliance.

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