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Hello, I am Shakti Tracy. 


I live in Whitley Bay, on the North East coast, with my two children.

I have been on a personal healing journey for the past 25 years.  This journey has led me to work with many healing techniques and teachers. 


Of all the different healing modalities I tried, energy healing, breathwork, and shamanic practices were the most life-changing in supporting me to heal from my past and reclaim my truth, power, and purpose in the world. 


I chose to study these so that I could share them with others.

I started Diamond Heart Network in 2005 when, during my own healing, I connected with the energy of the 'Diamond' which I knew could be used as a high vibrational source of healing.



I was given a clear vision that the world would be transformed by people across the world activating this highest love within their own hearts - activating their own divinity, whilst still being completely human too.  I knew it was part of my soul's purpose to make this happen. 

I initially worked with Diamond Energy in 1to1 healing sessions with others in Newcastle upon Tyne.  After a few years, my work evolved from working to working with groups of people so that more people could access this energy.

In 2015, I began my training as a Shamanic Practitioner, training in Core Shamanism and Celtic Shamanic practices at Lendrick Lodge in Scotland with teacher Stephen Mulhearn.

I trained as a Breathwork Facilitator with Peggy Dylan in 2016 and again in 2018. Then I trained as a Breathing Space - Breathwork Facilitator and Teacher with Benedict Beaumont in 2020. 


I have been working as a Breathing Space teacher, training others to be Breathwork Facilitators since 2020.


In September 2023, I will be training my fourth cohort of students through the 10-month training program.


I developed the 'Spirit of the Breath' aspect of the Breathing Space Facilitator Training which supports students to create a sacred space within their breathwork sessions.

I am additionally a trained Ceremonial Cacao Facilitator, training with Annu Tara in 2015 and then Liam Browne in 2021.


I now blend all these powerful practices, with down-to-earth vibes and my personal healing wisdom to help me create transformative ceremonial, teaching, and workshop spaces.

In 2020, I moved my workshops online and from here, I was able to connect with people from across the world who were ready to start to activate their own Diamond Heart and Divinity.

I continue to believe in the vision for Diamond Heart Network and I am really committed to healing between the masculine and feminine and supporting people to heal from their pasts and bring their true gifts to the world. 


By bringing our shadows out of the darkness and welcoming all who we are, I believe that together we can light up the world with love and have fun in the process.



Love Shakti Tracy x

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