Shakti Tracy is currently offering a free online 'Breath of Life - Embodying the Divine with Conscious Breathwork' workshops to support adults during UK lockdown. The dates of these workshops are:

Saturday 18th April - Healing and Connecting with the Diamond Light Source

Saturday 2nd May - Healing and Connecting with Shiva and the Divine Masculine

Saturday 16th May - Healing and Connecting with Shakti and the Divine Feminine

These workshops are free but booking is essential - https://diamondheartnetwork.ck.page/85d5c9c9c9

Shakti Tracy worked with Diamond Energy for healing for over 20 years after opening to this energy on her own healing journey.  Tracy  trained as a Shamanic Practitioner at Lendrick Lodge, Scotland and she trained twice as a 'Conscious Breathwork Facilitator' with Peggy Dylan. During the Breathworker training, she particularly loved the altered states that the process enables, and was in awe at the depth and rate of healing, reprogramming, release and ecstasy that could be experienced through this process.

Tracy has also completed training with Jewels Wingfield in "Initiation into the Divine Feminine' a year long program. She also has a 1st Class Honours Degree in Sociology and Social Policy from Newcastle University where her research on Psytrance Subculture was published by the Journal of Youth Studies.


Tracy is committed to help people access their own unique power, heal trauma and shine bright so that we can grow in co-operation, love and illuminate the entire planet with our awesomeness. She loves getting together with groups and creating community as know that this supports us to shine our brightest.

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Facebook - www.facebook.com/diamondheartnetwork

Instagram - @diamond_heart_network