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Soul Council sessions are a 1to1 talking space that are focused around bringing INSIGHT, HEALING and TRANSFORMATION to an area of life that you need guidance with. The session begins informally with a cuppa and time to talk about the issues. We then move rooms to the workshop space where we begin the process. During a Soul Council Session we connect to four guides who come in to help you with a particular issue to help you. Each guide provides different insights and experiences. All the insights come from you and through you so it is a very empowering experience. I simply guide the process and take notes so that all the guidance can be remembered. Often just one session is needed to bring clarity, but a soul council can also be worked with long term, for as long as their guidance is needed.

Soul Council Sessions take place in the Healing Space in my home in Whitley Bay. Sessions take around 90mins. These sessions cost £40.

Previous clients have said -
"I just want to thank you SO much for today. It has really reset my energy and brought my priorities back into the light"

"Thank you for your support and for sharing your time, intuition and skill with me today. With your support, this has actually been an amazing catalyst for coming deeper and truer into myself!"

If anyone would like to book an appointment please just drop me a Facebook message or call/text 07950828068. 

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