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Soul Compass, led by Shakti Tracy is a monthly drop-in shamanic journeying group in Whitley Bay, North East UK. Its aim is to help you to connect to your guides and spirit helpers. Its intention is for you receive guidance and support with whatever you are currently working with on your soul path. Whether you focus is on work, health, relationships or something else, shamanic journeying can be a way to gain clarity, insight, direction and new ideas of what the perfect next steps are for you to take.

In this workshop we will use Shamanic Journeying as a tool to connect to and clarify our visions for the month. We will draw pictures and words given to us on our journeys on to a board which will give our creative selves a path towards our dreams for the upcoming month.

Having clarity of visions enables us to move forward and make choices with confidence. It also helps us to manifest our dreams. Coming together with a supportive group also helps to give energy to our dreams and empower them into reality

This Shamanic Jpurneyomh workshop costs £15 and takes place in Whitley Bay on Wednesday 5 February at 10am - 12pm. There are just 7spaces so advance booking is essential.

No prior experience is needed.

To reserve your space please email or message CONTACT FORM

What is Shamanic Journeying?


Shamanic Journeying is a method of accessing our creative and collective subconscious minds in order to receive information and insights in a way that is not always directly accessible through linear thought. It is not a taught space and is not a fixed belief system, but rather a set of processes and techniques that can empower you gain direct access to you own inner wisdom.


What Happens in the Session?


The session starts with a short meditation to help us arrive in the space. This is followed by an opening circle where we share where we are currently on our journey and how we feel about the coming year.Shamanic journeying starts with visualisation to support the creative process and has drumming alongside to help access the subconscious mind. Journeying is suitable for all regardless of experience, first timers often gain the most insight.In the session we do up to four short journeys. Please bring a notepad and pen to record insights if you wish but arts materials will be supplied for you to map your visions.There will be time at the end to share any visions and experiences that feel right to share.

To reserve your space please email or message CONTACT FORM

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