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I have created THREE guided shamanic drum journeys where you will meet a guide to support you with your post-lockdown RE-EMERGENCE.


We have ALL been changed by this past year. 


Changes that you might have seen in your own life could include: 


  • Personal growth at an unprecedented rate, 

  • Adapting to circumstances we have never known before, 

  • Cultivation of inner resilience

  • Healing of old woundings

  • Ending of relationships, work, lifestyle

  • Discovery of more of the truth of who you are

  • Reevaluation of what you want from life

  • Realisation of the fragility of life


The world is not what it was, and it truly needs YOU to take on board all you have learned so that you can STEP-UP and share your VISION, your CREATIVITY, your LOVE, and TRUTH in the world. 


Do you feel this call? Are you ready for this next shift and feel called to step up into community leadership or to share your creativity, magic, and vision with others?

In the three shamanic drum journeys, you will have a space to ask about -


  • Your personal completion of lockdown - is there anything else that needs to be completed, let go of, or healed so that you can fully forward into this new phase of life after lockdown?

  • Stepping towards the future - What actions do you need to take NOW to prepare to meet a new world with a changed you?

  • Re-emergence - Your new life vision after lockdown. What will your most aligned life look like?



Getting guidance on these questions will enable you to prepare mentally, physically, and practically to live in even more of your truth, power and purpose in this new world.


It's not time to go back to how things were. It's time to create a new world.  What will this look like for you?

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