Diamond Heart Network Membership

Diamond Heart Network is now offering a monthly membership open to men and women interested in exploring using Shamanic Journeying, Conscious Breathwork, and Sound Healing as tools for healing, empowerment, and transformation.

It will offer you techniques to help you to - 

  • Heal old trauma and let go of old stories and patterns

  • Allow Earth and Universal energies to flow through you

  • Connect to your power and purpose

  • Take heart-centered action to manifest visions

  • Find the courage to be you and shine in the world

  • Cultivate time for peace, rest and self-care

  • Be part of a supportive community

  • Live a life of joy, magic, and freedom

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Subscribe for £33 month

Membership will include - 


  • 2 live online Zoom shamanic breathwork workshops facilitated by Shakti Tracy each month. The sessions would be on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month at 7-9pm and will be recorded in case you can't make it.

  • Free access to monthly shamanic journeying group (value £10)

  • Option of access to a supportive private Facebook group where you can share your journey and get support from myself and other community members.

The workshops will focus on healing and connecting to the Masculine (Shiva) and Feminine (Shakti) within and moving towards unity consciousness (the Diamond).  Through repeated practice together we will be able to drop deeper into connection to ourselves and these energies. By holding the intention to connect to the ‘Divine’, we will be clearing anything out of the way that is preventing you from fully embodying this energy.

The overall purpose of the group is to give members the opportunity to heal their past and live with more JOY, FREEDOM, AND MAGIC so that they can light up the world in their own unique way.

The cost for all this would is £33month. You can leave at any time by simply canceling the direct debit or contacting Shakti Tracy.


Already so​ many powerful people are connecting for these sessions, and so many amazing experiences are being shared.  Can you imagine what a magical, super-powered adventure this could be?

It would be wonderful to have you as part of this.

Testimonials -

"Tracy makes spirituality and Shamanism accessible and fun, and is one of the warmest, down to earth, and powerful women I've ever met."


"I've experienced breath work before, but with Tracy's unique Shamanic experience, it took me to a new level. I was able to access an immediate, strong, and deeply personal connection to divine support, which guided me all the way through, and is still with me now"

"Such a warm, generous and open heart, be sure you'll be held safely in a loving space while you go as deep as you feel you wish to go."

"Shakti Tracy is a devoted wounded healer and is passionate about helping others as well as being committed to constant growth herself even if it deeply challenges her. This allows her the capacity to hold the space incredibly well so that others feel safe and can allow themselves to let go in the sessions."

"At the end of the session I felt as though I'd had a holiday from life. I felt so much lighter and more at peace with the be world. Tracy is a brilliant session guide. she's incredibly warm, laid back and open. She creates a space where you feel supported and safe"

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Subscribe for £33 month 

***Contraindications - it is NOT safe to do breathwork if you have had psychosis, are pregnant, or have epilepsy.  By being in this group you are agreeing that you do not have any of these things.  This is for your own personal safety***

***If you live outside of the UK please just email info@diamondheartnetwork.com or message HERE to subscribe.***