Are you ready to light up the world with LOVE?


I am Shakti Tracy, and I'm on a mission to Light up the World with Love and to support others who feel this call to step up too.

The world is going through such immense changes at the moment, and your amazing heart-centered power is truly needed!. The world needs your gifts, your visions, your kindness and truth, as well as your resilience, and fierce spirit.  

I have tried so many spiritual practices along my own 20yrs healing journey. I've cried, screamed, been naked, ran round forests blindfolded. I've worked with masks, tantra, dance, followed my menstrual cycles. I  faced my own wounds and shadows, worked with the ancestors, embodied Gods, and experienced non-duality. These practices supported me to meet my pain and journey to its roots to take back my power.


Five years ago I discovered Conscious Breathwork and Shamanism. I loved the altered state of consciousness and how easily I could activate God-consciousness through these practices. Through them, I discovered a pathway back to my joy and light which transformed my life. It helped to restore me to be my true self and supported me to integrate my past experiences. It gave me the strength, power, and light to step up and share this in the world with others.

Do you feel ready for this too?


Find out more about the Diamond Heart Adventurers - Online Membership - welcoming to all who want to shine their love in the world.

With Love, Shakti Tracy xxx