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Do you feel called to step up into your TRUTH, POWER, and PURPOSE?


I am Shakti Tracy founder of Diamond Heart Network.

The world is going through such immense changes at the moment, and your amazing heart-centered power is truly needed! 


By coming together with a focussed intention on LOVE and embodying this energy, we can step into our POWER, TRUTH and PURPOSE and bring our lives and the planet back into universal alignment.


Over the past 25 years, I have trained in all sorted of healing practices. Six years ago I discovered Conscious Breathwork and Shamanism. Through these powerful techniques, I discovered a pathway back to my joy, power, and light which transformed my life. It helped to restore me to be my true self and supported me to integrate my past experiences. It gave me the strength, power, and light to step up and share this in the world with others.


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