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Walking your Unique Medicine Path - A 6 Month Journey

Are you feeling the call to walk your unique medicine path? Do you know you are here to be of service, but feel unsure of exactly what your true calling is? 

'Walking Your Unique Medicine Path' is 6 month journey aimed at people feel ready to really step into their roles as healers and offer their gifts to the world. It is open to people with all ranges of experience - you may be a complete beginner or have been working in healing for years. By the end of your 6 month journey you will have greater understanding on your own unique healing gifts and clarity on how to share them with the world.

Meeting one Saturday a month, we will work as a small group. You will get to know yourselves, your gifts, your visions, your story and most importantly you will understand how all this can be brought together to be of service.

This isn't a taught course where I share my way of working with healing, but instead a space to discover what it is that YOU can offer as this is what you were born to do! Your uniqueness (no matter how daft or broken some bits might seem!!) is your gift to us all. 

Over the 6 months you will discover who your helping healing guides are, the energies and elements that support you, and who/ what will you be working with in your healing work. We will work practically and in ways best suited for you to connect to your own wisdom. We will use shamanic journeying, soul council sessions, conscious breathwork and ritual to build your power and gain clarity on what your unique healing service is and how you can best serve the world at this time.

Coming together as a group with this shared purpose really gives a space to support each other on this journey - by truly connecting to our own truths and lights we cannot help but to illuminate those around us too. We are meeting not just for our own unfoldment, but to support every other group member to shine too.

In addition to the monthly meets there will be a Facebook group so that the group can continue to stay in connection between sessions.

The course will take place in Whitley Bay and be a small group of participants.

Each session will run from 10am - 5pm once a month starting Sept 2019

The cost of the course is £350 - (£100 deposit to reserve a space). The remaining money will be due at the start of the course, but flexible payment options are available, just drop me a line if you would like to discuss this. 

**If you are interested in attending id love for you to write a couple of paragraphs to let me know why you would like to do this course and what you hope to gain from it.**

If you have any questions or would like to book please just drop me a line too either via Facebook or

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