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"At a time where the deeper denied aspects of my psyche had started to appear in my life, Tracy and her Diamond healing work appeared. This helped to shed light into some dark processes, which in turn assisted greatly in understanding, integrating and moving on some of these 'stuck' energies. Ever grateful Tracy xx"


"Shakti Tracy gave me diamond healing, helping uncover some veils of past unknown trauma. I felt blissed out after the session and had lots to look into even now from the few sessions I had. Recommend it to anyone!"

"Very beautiful healing, deep, tender and memorable. Thank you for sharing your beautiful gifts "

"I was in a very difficult place when I went to see Tracy for a session and wasn't sure what to expect, it was a very powerful cleansing and healing treatment. I felt so centred and balanced afterwards, with a great sense of clarity and relief...she is an amazing healer and a lovely person I would highly recommend her to everyone!"

"Every month with you I peel off another layer of shame and get closer to the truth of me. Thank you all for revealing and giving me the permission and the courage to reveal, and especially you Tracy. When I think of all the healing I'm doing in my life right now - counselling, meditation, yoga, nutritional healing - I do believe that this group may just be the most powerful, significant and life-changing. So much love and gratitude."

"Loved doing this! Loved the great people there too"


"Thank you to all the wonderful and powerful women that I have met there.. wow!"

"Thank you Tracy for opening and holding such a beautiful space"

"This group has been amazing for me, I've grown so much and my heart has expanded massively. Thanks so much Shakti for running this group. I've met some amazing women and as a result I've felt so empowered, loved and listened to. I feel so much of a better, more loving person these days. LOVE TO ALL xxxx"

I feel like I've had an early spring clean of my soul. Thanks sisters for your amazing energy today. Feeling sore on the inside, but feel so much love and gratitude. 



"Your facilitation was holding: strong yet gentle. The whole 'feel' of the group allowed me a much needed release..big ploppy tears and the awareness of what I already know was brought right into the moment, and witnessed graciously by open hearted women. Proper lush..."

"Thank you all so much for bee-ing in the circle yesterday - I'm still filled with the love and connection that was held in the space - so powerful! Absolutely amazing. xxxx"


"I have been so grateful for Shakti Tracy's Diamond Energy sessions. Even though they have mostly been by distance, the energetic presence and sense that 'something is happening' during a session has felt really strong. They have helped my shift from despair to optimism in times when I really didn't know what else to do. There is such loving support in what Tracy offers - it is a perfect holding space for healing and I cannot recommend her enough."


"Wonderful session. Special thanks to Shakti for holding the space and all the women for the beautiful heartfelt sharings "

"The positive reinforcement of "we see you, we hear you, we honour you" is really having the most profound effect on my confidence of late - both in myself and around the trustworthiness of other women."

"Thank you so much Tracy, your kindness and support is immensely touching and incredibly effective, you're an amazing soul."

"I think a new, empowered, warrior-woman is opening up in me and I just want to thank you."


"I have grown so much since joining this group. I've felt respected, listened to, loved and safe. My self-nurturing has gone through the roof and I feel like I'm becoming the me I'm meant to be. NAMASTE."


"I went along to the Shamanic Journeying Session. My first experience was phenomenal. We journeyed to our animal spirit being, our ascended masters, our ancestors and I have such a profound vivid experience. I would thoroughly recommend anyone to go along to these sessions as an experience or just a tool for a deep meditation. Don't be surprised if you have an amazing experience. Shakti Tracy is a very skilled and experienced practitioner."

"I had an amazing session. Tracy has the most gorgeous aura and energy. I would highly recommend"

"I've had the wonderful opportunity to work with Shakti Tracy on a few occasions now. She is a soulful and open hearted woman who brings authenticity and joy to her work. The shamanic journeying session of hers I attended last week gave me the opportunity to go deeper within in a beautiful and safely held space. Highly recommended to all"

"I have experienced and benefitted from working with Tracy. She has a great capacity to hold you, whilst you make big energetic shifts. You will experience an energy that is very supportive and encouraging of you coming into your own, owning your power and enjoying a life well-lived"

"Wonderful massage and healing, have had many massages over the years,this is one of the best, amazing intuition, fascinating"

"A gentle, safe, nurturing and intuitive healing session and space was provided by Tracey each time she has worked with me. Her integrative work also comes with deeply profound insights. Much gratitude and love"

"Tracy does some wonderful energy healing in her sessions. I still felt the resonance strongly 3 years after her session when tuning into the diamond energy inside me. Beautiful healing technique and she gave me some useful in tune guidance around my personal life. 💛"

"The treatment you receive comes from the heart ❤️. I have always left feeling absolutely amazing after being held In the energy of this heart centred practitioner. This is something very special. Something that stays with you for a long time."

"Tracey has an enormous gift to help restore balance in body and mind. I found her treatment energising and soothing at the same time. I highly recommend her!"

"My first session with Tracy was about seven years ago, and it brought me into a greater awareness of myself and my life story. Tracy's healing sessions and Creative Fire workshops have been an important part of my journey. Her insight is wonderful and whenever I see her I always come away feeling recharged and inspired!"

"Tracy has a really warm and welcoming presence, I had a massage and healing session with her & came away feeling a great balance of relaxed and energised. Thank you! :)"

"I booked a Diamond Energy session plus massage. The Energy seemed to creep in over a couple of weeks, especially welcome at a time of personal challenges, and I felt more empowered to push on with some projects I'd been working on. The massage relieved a lot of cramped muscles and I continue to have regular sessions to stay loose. It's also incredibly relaxing! Tracy is absolutely lovely - incredibly warm, caring and intuitive. Can't recommend her treatments highly enough. Thank you, Tracy."

"Tracy is a caring and sensitive practitioner. Due to her integrity I really felt I could trust her and the work we did was transformative."

"Tracy is both very warm and professional. She makes you feel comfortable and at home straight away, quickly attunes to your state and issues, and is then generous with her skills and gifts and happily responds to aftercare questions. I highly recommend a visit."

"Great practitioner excellent massages highly recommended!"

"I love tracys warm and real and light energy she is a true diamond! I haven't been blessed with a treatment yet but have attended her creative fire of the feminine session and can't wait to go again"

"Tracey has a very loving presence. I immediately feel nurtured in her presence. I had different experiences depending on where I've been at but have always come away calmer and more aware of my own self care needs. I've also been lined up with some pretty special energy, once though that Tracey had Angelic music playing but it was music just for me to receive." 

"This woman has a big heart, is so talented and I for one have grown leaps and bounds since our first session. I can't recommend Tracy highly enough. <3"

"Tracy is a very skilled and caring energy worker.  Guaranteed 100% professional confidential service.  Her intuition is exceptional.  You're likely to get great insight into whatever you bring to the session"

"Tracy is a very rare and beautiful soul with a very special set of skills. I can't recommend her highly enough"

"I booked a full body massage and diamond healing session. I felt wonderful afterwards. Tracy has a real gift."

"When I receive my sessions with the wonderful Tracy they are so uplifting and profound for my personal growth in all aspects of my life ..each one is unique to my needs and amazingly relaxing."

"I found sessions with Tracey to be profound and transformative. I am still grateful for her input in helping me move forward in my life with her skills and intuitive approach."

"I've had a few treatments with tracy over the years, and I keep coming back for more! She has a beautiful presence that makes me feel so safe to be free with her, and her healing works on so many levels, Ive had truly amazing results! If you're looking for something truly transformational, you need to see Tracy :-)"

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