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Two Tips for Transformation

We ALL have the ability to TRANSFORM our lives and to make them happier places to be. Two of the most important techniques you can use for this are 1. Self-love and 2. Creating your own personal mythology.

1. Self-love may sound simple but when we are embedding new patterns of thoughts and behaviours towards ourselves, it does take a HUGE amount of effort to start with. I remember doing little things for myself like treating myself to new cosy socks and then slipping down the stairs in them as the inner - saboteur in me, wanted to keep me in the place of neglect. It took effort when I made mistakes to not destroy myself in negative metal punishments and just to gently soothe myself instead. Now I do things like make sure I book for monthly massage or energy sessions, I get help to tidy my house. Whatever efforts we make to treat ourselves better though is an indicator to the universe that this is what we deserve now and life really does change to reflect that. It's such a gorgeous way to live too!!

2. Creating our own personal mythology is something we all do. Our lives are crafted of stories that we have given meaning to, but sometimes these stories are painful and we still continue to tell them in a way that reinforces this, even though we may be sick of hearing them too. Sometimes we have just become so used to them we take them as fact - this is who I am. Yet we have the power to transform these. Our tragic past events can be redrafted as part of a hero's initiation and step toward eventual glory. Our little gifts and talents can become our super powers making the world a better and more beautiful place. Sometimes stories just need to be flipped over so that they empower you rather than diminish you. They are your stories - choose wisely how you tell them to yourself and others. Do the serve who you are now?? By doing this we aren't white washing over difficult circumstances in our current or past lives,, I'm not say don't see things as they are too but to craft mythological stories that give you the power to change your circumstances, that remind you of your super powers and your mission on earth.

You are amazing 😍

Love Shakti Tracy ❤️❤️❤️

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