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Creative Fire of the Feminine

Creative Fire of the Feminine is a monthly meditative arts/play space for women that requires no artistic training or skills. Using collage as the medium for creative play, we tune ourselves back in to the flow of Love and our Creative Power that is an integral aspect our natural feminine nature.  During the sessions sharing, meditation, silence and creative activities  will provide a space for Creative Hearts to begin to be expressed and witnessed by others.


Personal boundaries with regards to sharing insights are respected and people are encouraged to feel into what is right to share with others at this point in time, and what is not.  




Diamond Heart Network

The session can give insights into life direction and reconnect you to your inner compass. It can help you to get you in touch with your intuition and own inner knowing and it is a space to draw out your own inner wisdom. The Creative Heart of the Feminine already flows through us ALL - this workshop simply provides a space to be open to the flow and conscious about what we are learning, expressing, creating and manifesting with this, our Power.

The sessions are organised around the new moons as traditionally this is the collective time associated with menstrual bleeding and visioning. It provides an ideal opportunity as women to gather and to tune into our creative-cycles together.

Next sessions will take place 

January 7 2017 

February 4 2017

March 4 2017

Venue in Newcastle TBC - please email

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