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In the shamanic worldview it is believed that our person power or soul parts may be lost or given away during difficult circumstances in life.

Power loss happens through relationships or institutions that have abuse, bullying, or other undermining behaviour Soul Loss happens through physical or mental trauma. Examples of trauma may be be abuse, war, death, betrayal, divorce, an accident - any event that causes a shock could cause a soul part to disassociate and leave the body. 


Soul and Power Retrievals are a one-off session to retrieve the aspect that has been lost. They most often carried out on humans, but can also be used to support animals, businesses and homes that have been through a difficult time.


The purpose of the retrieval session is to return the energy that was present before the event happened rather than having to revisit a painful experience. The client might choose issues such as wanting more joy, passion, joie de vie, connection to soul purpose, ending of sadness/depression, mending of a broken heart, return any soul parts from a particular traumatic event or shock that has occured. Shamanic Retrievals can be applied to any area of life where a trauma or power-loss has occurred.


Sessions last 2hrs and cost £70. Sessions can take place in person in Whitley Bay, Tyne and Wear or distantly - distance makes no difference to how well the session works as the retrieval takes place on a energetic level.

If anyone would like to book an appointment or weekly slot please just drop me a Facebook message or call/text 07950828068. 

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