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Shamanic Power Retrevial

A Shamanic Power Retrieval is a one-off session to retrieve a power that has been lost.  Our personal power can be given or taken from us through relationships, institutions, illness, work and life events.  Relationships with abuse, bullying, or other undermining behaviour can often result in a power-loss.


A person suffering from a power loss may feel low of energy, unmotivated, despondent, unable to fight off illness or feel they are having a spell of 'bad luck'.  They may feel like that they are unable to cut ties with an old relationship due to an ongoing power struggle or simply unable to move forward in their lives.

Sessions take place in Newcastle upon Tyne or Distantly.

A Power Retrieval session begins with an initial discussion with the client to clarify which area of their life they feel needs a power retrieval.  They might choose issues such as the power to feel safe to fall in love again, to feel they have more physical energy, or more to retrieve the powers returned lost in my relationship with my father. Power retrievals can be applied to any area of life where a loss has occurred. It maybe through the discussion that we decide a 'Soul Retrieval' is more appropriate too. For more information on Soul Retrieval see SOUL RETRIEVAL​.

Following the discussion, I 'journey' on behalf of the client.  A shamanic journey is a trance state reached through playing drums and/or rattles, sometimes dancing or moving the body.  The client lies down during the journey and after trance state is entered I lie down next to the client and meet my spirit guides who take me to find the lost powers.  Up to 3 powers are retrieved during the session, these are then blown back into the client's body and sealed with a rattle.  There is then some time for integration throughout the body, where I sit with the client, and perhaps sing or play music and hold the space for integration with Diamond Energy. Following this there is time to discuss which powers were returned and any advice for integration  is also given. Over the next 3-4 weeks any other powers related will continue to flow back into the body.


There is no need for a follow up Power Retrieval session, all related to the issues presented are returned in one session. 

Shamanic Power Retrievals are available in person or distantly. Distance makes no difference to how well the session works as the retrieval takes place on a energetic level.


Sessions last 1.5-2hrs and cost £80 for in person, £60 for distant session.

To book or further information please telephone/text - 0795 0828068 or email

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