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Ho'oponopono Meditation Circle




Diamond Heart Network

Ho'oponopono is a Hawaiian healing practice based upon the belief that illness was caused by errors, guilt, or anger. By making things right with ourselves, others and ancestors we can transform our lives.

Ho'oponopono is a way to let go of past hurts and cultivate the energy of love and forgiveness in your life. Often the hurts we carry often no longer really exist in the outside world but continue to torment us inside, by addressing and forgiving these we can let them go and find peace. When we forgive others, we forgive ourselves.


Ho'oponopono also is also a way to develop more self-love and love for others in your life too. By allowing ourselves to see and love the unconscious hurts that we carry we can again see clearly and be at peace.




This is taking responsibility for an issue - feeling remorse for hurts we have caused to ourselves or others.


This can be to someone specific or not. You don't need to know - just have to ask and mean it. 


offering gratitude for the forgiveness allows us to know it has been heard and received. 


By offering love, we are meeting ourselves or others with unconditional compassion, love and acceptance. We begin to understand that what ever has happened is part of a bigger picture or learning and moving back towards love. We can let the lesson go with love.

Ho'oponopono can be done in own space and time, but coming together in a circle can help to amplify the energies.  In circle the ho'oponopono mantra is spoken as a group. If the voice tires we remain present in the energy to recieve the words spoken by others. The circle will also have times for breath-work and silence. Breath-work can support release and bringing in new energy. The silence gives space for integration.

Circles will be starting at The Vault in Wallsend from January 2017.  Email - for further information.

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