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Diamond Energy is a high vibrational love source, that can be worked with for healing. It can facilitate deep release and peace, whilst supporting the healing of past traumas, abuse, depression and anxiety. It can help a person move forward in life, maintain emotional balance and provide ongoing to support and stress relief. During pregnancy it can be a way to connect with your growing baby and prepare you and your child for the birth and beyond. Its different for each person, but I find more than anything it connects you back to your true self and your purpose in life.

Previous clients have said -
"I have experienced and benefitted from working with Tracy. She has a great capacity to hold you, whilst you make big energetic shifts. You will experience an energy that is very supportive and encouraging of you coming into your own, owning your power and enjoying a life well-lived."

"I was in a very difficult place when I went to see Tracy for a session and wasn't sure what to expect, it was a very powerful cleansing and healing treatment. I felt so centred and balanced afterwards, with a great sense of clarity and relief...she is an amazing healer and a lovely person I would highly recommend her to everyone!"

If anyone would like to book an appointment or weekly slot please just drop me a Facebook message or call/text 07950828068. 

Sessions take around 1 hr, cost £40 and take place in Whitley Bay, Tynemouth or distantly 

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