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Creative Fire of the Feminine- Healing the Mother-Line

Creative Fire of the Feminine is a monthly visioning space for Women led by Shakti Tracy. The next gathering will take place on Sunday 31st March 11am-2pm at Cloud9 Wellbeing in Cullercoats, The cost of this 3hr workshop is £25pp. 10 spaces available. All levels of experience are welcome.


This month's session falls on Mothering Sunday, so as well as doing our visioning board it also provides an ideal opportunity to focus in on healing our anscestral mother-lines. Traumas held in these lines may have been passed on for generations, from mother to daughter. Through shamanic journeying we will look at the the core wounds that we are carrying and help to heal these aspects of ourselve and our anscestors. This is work that will benefit not only ourselves, but our children and healing for the collective too.


Creative Fire of the Feminine visioning space is based around the feminine cycles of creativity. The New Moon Time is the collective time of menstruality so is an ideal time to gather with women and give space for new visions and ideas that are ready to be birthed through us. It doesn't matter whether you still menstruate or have a womb as we are working with the energy that we all hold there.


Coming together as women can provide a very nurturing but powerful space for transformation. In each session, we will explore how connecting to your womb can guide us towards accessing ancient wisdom and creative power. The energetic womb is a place we can connect to our deepest nature.


In this 3hr workshop, we will have time to speak from the heart, use vocal toning to connect to the womb, and also do shamanic journeys for support and guidance. We then use collage as a medium for creative play to gain insights about our journey over the upcoming month. In the creation of our collage vision boards, we will work intuitively with the images and words to see what emerges from the process rather than having a fixed idea about what we want to manifest. In doing this we allow creation to flow through us.


This is a very welcoming and fun space as well as one that we can journey deeply in. If you have any questions or worries about what to expect please just drop me a message.


Spaces must be booked in advance via Eventbrite -


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