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Cacao Alchemy




Diamond Heart Network

Ceremonial Grade Cacao can be a pathway to inner alchemy.


It can bring us deeply in connection with the Earth and with our own bodies, opening us the the flow that is all of life itself.


To do with dance creates an opportunity to fill our bodies to its fullest capacity of light and express this light out into the world. It creates a space to celebrate our joy, capacity for love, our freedom and of being alive in this moment of existence.


To do so with silence offers a space for contemplation, peace, self-love and honouring.

Dates TBC

***IMPORTANT- You cannot have Cacao you are on anti-depressants (or other medication for mental health) or have a serious heart condition due to the effects of this plant medicine. You are very welcome to join in the sessions without the cacao though - please contact us in advance to let us know****

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