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When: Sunday 18th December

Time: 11-4pm

Limited Spaces, please book early to avoid disappointment

* 'Ceremonial Cacao' workshops offer a space for men and women to work with the plant medicine cacao to connect with the Earth and their own bodies, opening to the flow that is all of life itself.


Winter Solstice is a time for both reflection and celebration. It is the darkest time of the year, but one that also welcomes in the returning of the light.  It is a mirror of the journey into our own darkness and back to our inner sunshine,  a personal journey that is also in tune with all of nature.

In a space held by Shakti Tracy with the Diamond Love vibration, we will be working with ceremonial grade Cacao. Ceremonial grade Cacao is a plant medicine grown and harvested with the intention that it will be used for ritual, knowledge and healing.  Cacao can bring us into our bodies and into connection with the Earth. It also opens are hearts to love and brings us into connection with others. Cacao does not have psychoactive properties and does not affect our ability to think clearly like some other plant medicines, but it can bring us into connection with our own truths of where we are in life. It can also offer support and guidance to heal and rest when this is needed too.


During the Winter Solstice Celebration we will come together as a community and honour our own darkness and returning to the light. We will create a Cacao ritual dance space and journey into our own beingness in connection with others. There will be a space for reflection and silence following this- materials will be provided for any writing or creative expression if required.  


Finally we will come together for a solstice celebratory food share.

All food provided and lovingly prepared by Sass Lough to fill both your belly and soul.

***All adults are welcome to attend this event. Please be aware however, that is is not advised to drink ceremonial cacao if you are taking antidepressants or have a heart condition due to possible side effects.  You are still welcome to attend to this solstice celebration without ingesting the cacao and will feels effects by simply being around the energy of this plant medicine (please advise in advance if this is the case or if you would like further information).

Please email or text 0795 0828 068 to book a space.

(Bookings are not confirmed until £20 deposit is received).

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