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Are you ready to vision and breathe to release and move closer to your dreams?

This online course will support you to do the inner work needed to Support changes in your outer world by-

  • giving power to your visions

  • clearing obstacles on the path

  • freeing Yourself from limiting beliefs that may impede your journey

  • calling into your life the people or circumstances who can support you to make your dreams come true


This course contains -

  • 12 Video lessons and written materials

  • Shamanic Journeys to support you to vision your best life and create a supporting positive affirmation

  • Introduction to how you can use positive affirmations and Conscious Breathwork together to clear blocks and move towards dreams

  • 30 minutes Guided Conscious Breathwork Journey


Give yourself permission to dream and give those dreams enough power to make them come true.


Please fill in you details below and I will email you the Free course.

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