Embodying the Divine with Conscious Breathwork


Starting Wednesday 22nd April 8pm - 10pm

Open for Enrollment NOW

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  • Are you ready to dive even deeper into the healing between the masculine and feminine, with the goal of embodying Divine Love and Unity Consciousness?

  • Are you ready to heal your past so you can step into the future more aligned with your truth, purpose and path?

  • Would you like to do this with the support of an inspiring heart-centred community on a similar path?

Shakti Tracy (Diamond Heart Network) will be holding a NEW ONLINE Conscious Breathwork Group via Zoom, on Wednesdays 8pm-10pm starting 22nd April 2020.


 Conscious Breathwork is a powerful rapid breathing technique that creates an altered state where deep healing, visioning and states of bliss can be achieved.


During the different weekly sessions, we will work with the Breath to either embody Shiva (the masculine aspect), Shakti (the feminine aspect) or the Diamond (Divine Love and Unity). 

In each 2hr live Zoom WEEKLY session you can expect:


  • Meditation

  • Instructions for Conscious Breathwork 

  • Shamanic Journey  

  • 1hr of Conscious Breathwork 

  • Vocal Toning and Silence

The Zoom live sessions will be supported via a Facebook community group where there will be lots of interaction and support from Shakti Tracy as well as other group members.

There is no requirement to attend every session - everyone can work at a rate that is right for them. Sessions will be recorded for people who can't make the live session.

Subscribe now for just £20month

I'd love to welcome you to join me on this unique journey exploring the healing possibilities of conscious breathwork.  I can honestly say that of all the healing modalities I have trained in or experienced,  conscious breathwork goes the deepest in the shortest time.  As well as healing my own anxiety, conscious breathwork has helped me to integrate childhood trauma and has helped me to create a new reality where I feel safe and loved.

A lot of the personal healing I have done with conscious breathwork has been around the healing between the masculine and feminine. I know this work is deep, it is personal, and also ancestral and collective work too.  Through conscious breathwork, we can heal these wounds on this multitude of levels and live with even more love from doing so.  ​

Currently, we are in such a unique situation, where we are in isolation from the world for a time.  However, this experience presents a unique opportunity to dive deeply to transform our inner worlds ready to meet a new outer world.  We can come out of the other side stronger, healing our past so that we can step into the future more aligned with our truth, our purpose and our path.   I just want to share Conscious Breathwork with as many people as possible, as I know the profound positive and lasting impact it can have on lives.

It is my sincere belief that through coming together collectively to breathe, we are not only healing and enriching our own lives but are also dropping a massive love bomb on to planet Earth for all to access.

We breathe not just for ourselves but for the healing of the collective too.

Its time not just to SHINE, but to go SUPERNOVA!!!

Huge Loves, Shakti Tracy 

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What others say - 

"What an amazing experience!

I journeyed, visualised, laughed, grew, sang, experienced, learned and understood so much from the class. My physical body moved in its own way, following the breathing pattern that allowed me to experience so much that my whole self needed at the time.

It was a hugely dialectical spiritual experience for me as I felt control and chaos simultaneously! That wonderful energy that arises from trusting your own body and mind, letting be what will be, and allowing the energy of breath to purify and heal.

I gained such clarity and deep comfort from this amazing experience and it’s already helping to shape my future and my whole being. As always time will tell all.

It showed me my resonating strengths and my darkest vulnerabilities, allowed me to gain insight into my own journey, and has helped me with questions that I was seeking answers for.

Shakti Tracy held the space for us with such massive love, honesty, and passion that it’s impossible to feel anything but profound joy and exhilaration when I think about it! 

Huge kudos and thanks go to Shakti Tracy for surrounding and sharing with us with such energy, love and knowledge. I can’t wait to return!"

Jenny Smith

"I went to Tracy's conscious breathwork session in December. it was absolutely magic. it's hard to explain what you actually 'do' but I honestly can't encourage you enough to give it a try. At the end of the session, I felt as though I'd had a holiday from life. I felt so much lighter and more at peace with the be world. Tracy is a brilliant session guide. she's incredibly warm, laid back and open. She creates a space where you feel supported and safe"

Joanne Ruth Armstrong

I have been to a session individually of conscious breathwork with Shakti Tracy as well as a group session. It’s hard to find words to describe the experience as it’s a very powerful experience which is unique in each session for each person. I work holistically supporting wounded healers and I sense how this technique helps to restore the nervous system back into balance in a way that is necessary and needed for each person at that time. Shakti Tracy is a devoted wounded healer herself and is passionate about helping others as well as being committed to constant growth herself even if it deeply challenges her. This allows her the capacity to hold the space incredibly well so that others feel safe and can allow themselves to let go in the sessions. She also checks in with the group for the next few days to ensure the members are doing ok and will help with any natural challenges they face after the session because of the release process.

Tania Wilson

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