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Are you Interested in becoming a Breathwork Facilitator?  

I am really proud to be a Breathing Space Breathwork Teacher as I know that the training materials provided give a foundation for being an exceptional Breathwork Facilitator.  

I have been a Breathing Space teacher for 3 years and a Breathwork facilitator for 7 years. During this time I have supported people from across well as in different work sectors including spiritual, coaching, therapy settings and corporate to become facilitators.  The rise in the number of people wanting to learn more about Breathwork is growing massively - there really hasn't been a better time to consider training as a facilitator (or even a teacher which is possible with Breathing Space's 2-year pathway too.

Each Breathwork teacher and school has its own unique flavour to it. What I love about Breathing Space is that it gives such a well-rounded approach to Breathwork and what is needed to provide top-quality Breathwork workshops. Within this, though there is also space to nurture your unique experiences and skills and bring these safely to your breathwork workshops too.  By doing this we set up our trainees to really have the possibility to become leaders in the field of Breathwork - not just offering 'Breathwork workshops' but becoming specialists in using breathwork with a focussed intention or with a specific audience. During the training, I love to help students discover what their own unique gifts are so they can consider how to bring these to their breathwork sessions.

As well as being accredited by Breathing Space. Breathing Space's training is also approved by the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance too - this is the closest thing we have as a governing body within breathwork. This can help to assure you that the training covers what is really needed to become a top-quality breathwork facilitator.

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Pathways to becoming a Breathwork Facilitator -

I currently offer two pathways of training these are:

  • Group Breathwork Facilitator training - This is a 10-month group training program where the next intake is  September

  • 1to1Breathwork Apprenticeship program This is a 6-month accelerated training that can be started at anytime (as long as spaces are available).

Both follow the same curriculum and video content but have different live content and support. 

For more information on either of these pathways and an outline of what the training covers, click on the boxes below -

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Ready to Take the Next Steps?
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