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Conscious Breath is a specific Breathwork technique that we use to connect with our highest, truest, wisest, and kindest self. We use it to shine a light on those parts of us which may be hidden or that we may have forgotten.


This Breathing Space - Breathwork Facilitator Training is a 400 hour online program spanning 10 months. It is a fully comprehensive program designed to train people to become Breathwork Facilitators. The training is run through a mix of live Zoom sessions, comprehensive online course content, and home study. This will allow you to run Breathwork sessions safely and confidently both online and in person. We try to create a strong community to support you throughout your training and beyond!
Breathing Space is a Global Breathwork Professional Alliance certified school.

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The next 'Breathing Space - Breathwork Facilitator Training'

led by Shakti Tracy starts Monday 6th September 2021


Breathwork is a rapidly growing field. So, why choose 'Breathing Space - Breathwork Facilitator Training'?

Community and a down-to-earth vibe are what make Breathing Space so special. We place a big emphasis on making sure everyone feels supported both during their Breathwork journey and afterward.

Other reasons to consider this training:


It teaches you how to run 1to1 and group breathwork sessions, in-person and online.


It is a 10month training program so as well as covering facilitation skills it teaches you advanced skills such as anatomy and physiology, trauma and abreactions, and setting up a breathwork business.

The training is approved by the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance.

There is a 2-year pathway with this training to become a Breathwork Teacher and teach this training yourself.

The training all happens online (with live seminars/workshops and pre-recorded materials) so can be done from any location - the live seminars will be taking place fortnightly on Mondays at 10am - 12pm (UK time).

The training costs £2000 which can be paid in monthly installments. This an investment that will support you to create your own Breathwork business.

MOST IMPORTANT is that you will become part of the wider Breathing Space community (family!!) and have access to a support network that continues way beyond when your training ends.

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Receive Your Copy of the 'Breathing Space - Breathwork Facilitator Course' Outline Today

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‘This course is the most comprehensive, informative, and experimental course I've done in a long time. I learnt the theory and practice of different breathing techniques. I also learned amazing tools to be a competent, professional practitioner and facilitator. I've made life-long friends and I've had a profound personal journey. This course will be one of those courses that shaped how my life is to become. I'll look back one day and remember that this course was a "turning point" in my life. It is worth it’.

Duncan Bailey, Breathing Space - Graduate Breathwork Facilitator


‘One of the things I love most about the course is that we are not just asked to learn about breathwork by reading books and watching videos, but we are asked to step up and run our own breathwork sessions quite early in the course, because you LEARN BY DOING!

The other thing, which makes this course so special for me is the COMMUNITY. Ben is an amazing teacher with the ability to create a beautiful and safe space for everyone. Furthermore, the mentors who are supporting us in our buddy groups, are caring and supporting and add real value with their personal experiences. And last, the other trainees, of course! It’s great to be on a learning path with so many inspiring people and I connected with some of them on a deeper level quickly – I’m sure those are friendships which will continue even after the course ended!’

Svenja Tasler, Breathing Space - Trainee Breathwork Facilitator


"My life hasn't been the same since I started my Breathwork facilitator training with Breathing Space.

The integrity of Ben and his team, the quality of the content of the training, the wonderful people you meet, and the community it creates are absolutely amazing.

Ben really sees you and holds his breathing spaces with so much freedom and love. You feel free to express, do and get out of your comfort zone. He creates such a platform and opportunity's to teach, that by the time you finish the training you are a full-blown- confident facilitator.

This is more than just a training, it's life-altering. Very grateful to share my journey with Breathing space. Highest regards!"

Sasja Neuiwdorp, Breathing Space - Trainee Breathwork Facilitator

Breathing Space is proud to be a Global Professional Breathwork Alliance certified school.
The Global Professional Breathwork Alliance (GPBA) is a consortium of professional breathwork schools, trainers, and practitioners who support and promote the integration of breathwork in the world as an accessible and vital healing modality that facilitates physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual wellness. The GPBA is open to all breathwork practitioners and schools agreeing to uphold the principles of ethics and standards set forward by the Alliance.