The next 'Breathing Space - Breathwork Facilitator Training' starts in February 2021.


It will be co-hosted by Benedict Beaumont, Founder of Breathing Space, and Shakti Tracy of Diamond Heart Network.

About The Training

The Breathing Space Facilitator Training (FT) is a 400 hour, 10-month online program designed to train people to become Breathwork Facilitators.


Specifically, it will prepare students to:

  • Hold one-on-one Breathwork Sessions

  • Facilitate Group Breath Workshops

  • Be comfortable in running sessions both online or in-person

More than anything, however, this training will help trainees step into their own wisdom and power as a facilitator in a way that is unimaginable (and I do not say this lightly).  It will take trainees on a deep and profound journey of personal discovery and development which will enable them to hold space for others whilst they are in deep process. It will give trainees the skills and knowledge necessary and develop confidence through structured and supported teaching opportunities. 

The facilitator training is completely online - it consists of bi-weekly (every 2 weeks) live seminars run through zoom, course content delivered through our Online Teaching Platform, live Breathworks, and home study.

Community and connection are front and centre of this course. Every trainee is assigned a Breathing Space Facilitator as a mentor who will be their first point of contact. Each week at the start of seminars the mentors lead the check-ins. The bond that you form with your mentor and other trainees is one of the special characteristics of this training.

Trainees are also invited into the Breathing Space Facilitator Circle. This is open to all Breathing Space Teachers, Mentors, Graduates, Apprentices, and Trainees and is where we support each other on our journeys. We meet online every second Thursday for exclusive masterclasses (delivered by Breathing Space Facilitators and external experts) and have an online space that has recordings of ALL our previous workshops. 

It is our belief that the deepest learning comes from actually doing - therefore supported teaching spaces where trainees step up and lead are an integral part of the course. Within weeks, trainees will be leading check-ins and exercises during the seminars and soon after leading our Online Breathing Spaces and Foundation Seminars which have a global audience.

Learning to be a Breathwork Facilitator is primarily practical and experiential but there is an element of academic work to be completed in this course. Trainees must read and submit reports on three breathwork books. There is also a creative element to the course in the Graduation Project where you get to use your imagination to create something that will encourage interest and excitement about Breathwork.

If this sounds like something that calls to you, please fill out the form below and I will get back to you with a full course outline.


What trainees say about the training:

‘One of the things I love most about the course is that we are not just asked to learn about breathwork by reading books and watching videos, but we are asked to step up and run our own breathwork sessions quite early in the course because you LEARN BY DOING!

The other thing, which makes this course so special for me is the COMMUNITY. Ben is an amazing teacher with the ability to create a beautiful and safe space for everyone. Furthermore, the mentors who are supporting us in our buddy groups, are caring and supporting and add real value with their personal experiences. And last, the other trainees, of course! It’s great to be on a learning path with so many inspiring people and I connected with some of them on a deeper level quickly – I’m sure those are friendships which will continue even after the course ended!’

Svenja, Trainee Facilitator

Ben's ability to see the innate potential of all people is astounding. He is a guide and teacher first, but not the kind of teacher who desires to pontificate, he sees the spark of light that can be turned to flame. Working from the heart he fundamentally believes that if you think you are called to this work then you probably are. My journey with Ben so far has been both challenging and supported. If you want to realise the unlimited potential and infinite passion guided by breathwork then look no further’.

Hannah Roultson-Eldridge, Breathing Space Breathwork Graduate.

‘I was lucky enough to have Ben as my mentor in my facilitator training. And am so grateful for his approachable, supportive, wisdom and guidance. He helped me to overcome my fears and insecurities and actually go out and start facilitating - and the results were amazing. If you get a chance to train with him do it!!!’

Megan Ashton, Breathwork Facilitator.

‘This course is the most comprehensive, informative, and experimental course I've done in a long time. I learned the theory and practice of different breathing techniques. I also learned amazing tools to be a competent, professional practitioner, and facilitator. I've made lifelong friends and I've had a profound personal journey. This course will be one of those courses that shaped how my life is to become. I'll look back one day and remember that this course was a "turning point" in my life. It is worth it’.

Duncan Bailey, Breathing Space Breathwork Graduate

Here are some video testimonials if you’d like to see and hear what our current students have to say about the course: 

The next Breathing Space Facilitator Training starts in February 2021

Seminars will be on Monday evenings at 7-9 pm (UK time)



There is also the opportunity to do the accelerated Facilitator training on the Breathing Space Apprenticeship Program. The course content is the same, but rather than meet in a group every two weeks, we will meet one-on-one every week to discuss your progress.

This is a big commitment as there is a lot of work, but it does mean that you will have personal supervision at all times and can complete the Facilitator Training in six months rather than ten.

If you would like to know more about the Facilitator Training or the Apprenticeship, please fill in your details below to receive a Course Outline and an invitation for a 30-minute discovery call to find out if this is the right time for us to work together.

I usually respond within 24 hours - so if you do not receive a reply, please check your spam box and if nothing is there, you can email me directly at

Huge loves, Shakti Tracy and Benedict Beaumont