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What is Conscious Rebirthing Breathwork?

Conscious Rebirthing Breathing is a focused breathing technique that creates an altered state of consciousness where deep healing, release, reprogramming, visioning, and experiences of transcendence can be achieved. It can release traumas held in the physical body and help with conditions such as anxiety, low self-esteem, and depression. Working with the breath is a transformative process that can change our entire reality.

Conscious breathwork may create feelings of bliss, laughter, and joy, but it can also be a very cathartic technique where trapped emotions and patterns come to the surface to be released.

What happens during a 1to1 session?

On arrival we have time to chat and explain the technique. We have time to discuss if there is anything particular you would like to set as a positive intention for this Breathwork session. There is no requirement to share past hurts or traumas if you don't want to as the breath just goes to where it is most needed.

We then do 1hr of breathwork. To start I help to lead the pace of breathing, but after about 10 mins automatic breathing starts which takes you on your own healing journey. During this time I hold a loving space for you and can also do energy healing at the same time if I have consent.

Sometimes emotions or laughter may come up during the session. Sometimes the arms or other parts of the body move. The body just does what it needs to do to heal and release old traumas and stagnant energy held in the body.

After the breathwork, there is time to discuss the experience of the session. 


Appointments usually last 1.5hr. They cost £60. They currently take place over Zoom video conferencing - if you are unsure how to use Zoom just drop me a line.

Each breathwork session can be completely different depending on what is needed at the time, but it is a technique that can really restore your power, light, truth and joy and also open you up to spiritual dimensions.

Huge loves Shakti Tracy ❤️❤️❤️

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