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In this shamanic journeying and conscious breathwork workshop, you will be fully supported to realign your life with fun.  You will receive three shamanic journeys that will enable you to meet a fun guide, find out what in your life you can let go of to make more space for fun and find out what actions that you can take now to bring more fun into your life/

Reconnecting to these aspects of yourself is a way to step into your joy, freedom, and truth of who you truly are.


 What is Shamanic Journeying?
Shamanic Journeying is a method of accessing our creative and collective subconscious minds in order to receive information and insights in a way that is not always directly accessible through linear thought. It is not a taught space and is not a fixed belief system, but rather a set of processes and techniques that can empower you to gain direct access to your own inner wisdom.

What Do I Need to Prepare?

To do these shamanic journeys you just need somewhere that you can lie or sit down comfortably, undisturbed for either 15 or 30mins (depending on whether you wish to do one or both of the journeys).


You could also create a nice sacred space for yourself to help to give extra power to your intentions. You could create a nice nest with a quilt, blanket, and a pillow if you have space. Light a candle, burn some sage or incense. 

Other Items

Have a notebook with a pen nearby to record your experiences following the journey - even if you think you will remember or nothing much happened write your experiences down anyway as often more insights come through in the writing process.

It can help to listen through headphones for a more immersive experience.  Don't worry if you don't have any though.


Recording 1 - An Introduction to the Shamanic Journeys

A short introduction to the 3 shamanic journeys that will support you living a life in alignment to fun.

Recording 2 - Shamanic Journey to Meet your Fun Guide

In this first shamanic journey, we travel to the upper world where you will meet a guide in human form who will support you to live your life in alignment to fun.

Recording 3 - Shamanic Journey for Letting Go to Make Space for Fun

In this shamanic journey, we go to visit your fun guide to ask what in your life do you need to let go of now in order to create more space for fun.

Recording 4 - Shamanic Journey to Discover Actions you can take in Alignment with Fun

In this final shamanic journey, we meet with our guide and find out what actions we can take in our life right now to align ourselves with fun.

We also receive a gift or empowerment to support us in living in alignment with this energy.

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